Dual Playmat Tube


  • Dual Playmat Tube holds two (2) rolled playmats (standard 24″ x 14″) – one on each side.
  • Monster’s unique geometric-shaped Playmat Tube won’t roll off the playing surface.
  • Revolutionary octagonal shape and flexible center divider makes it easier to remove the playmat.
  • Use permanent markers on the matte white finish to customize your tube with artwork, designs, or lettering.
  • Dual Playmat Tubes are 14 inches tall and each compartment has a diameter of 2 inches.
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The newest edition to Monster’s Playmat Tube line is the Dual Playmat Tube! The unique geometric shape and flexible center divider allows more space for your fingers, making it easier to remove the playmat. The opaque matte white finish makes a great canvas for you to customize your tube. As with all Monster products, the Prism Playmat Tubes are made of high-quality durable plastic to keep your playmat safe and protected.

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