The world's first fully modular and affordable tabletop 3D world builder

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Monster Adventure Terrain is the world's first fully modular and AFFORDABLE 3D world-building system for tabletop games. Our pieces are specially designed so you can construct and reconstruct your game worlds in an instant. With our newly invented "snap on" system, all you have to do is "click" your pieces into place. This makes constructing and deconstructing your game worlds easy, and allows you to build your dungeons, taverns, castles and caverns in minutes. Best of all, it won't cost you all of your gold and copper coins to afford it!

Each of our Kickstarter pledge levels will come with transparent base plates, allowing you to snap your pieces securely to the table and remove them just as easily. Gone are the days of knocking over your intricately built worlds while playing! Each set also comes in either painted or unpainted versions. Far from just normal building blocks, we also offer castle pieces, terrain tiles, rock formations, and specialty accessories such as ladders, bridges, stairs, trees and more.

Simply put, Monster Adventure Terrain offers unparalleled realism, modularity and affordability.

Be prepared to immerse yourself in your game world like never before!